Client testimonialsInvestment Trends’ clients include many of the leading banks, investment platform providers, online brokers, margin lenders, as well as industry regulators, leading dealer groups and financial planning software providers.

Paul Rogan, Chief Executive Distribution Product and Marketing,

“For many years we have relied on Investment Trends to gain insights into our markets and specific customer segments. This information influences strategic decisions, product development and market positioning. The Investment Trends methodologies are robust and their analysis is highly analytical , while their presentations to our teams are well targeted to Challenger’s priorities and build knowledge within the business.”
(August, 2015)
Jeyson Ng Head, CFDs and Electronic Trading,
Phillip Securities

“The Investment Trends report is highly relevant and gave us informative insights into the CFD industry. This will enable us to be customer-centric and serve Phillip Securities clients better. It is a remarkable piece of work by a highly professional team!”.
(January, 2015)
Joel Clapham, General Manager, Communications & Marketing,
Media Super

“The key advantage of working with Investment Trends is that not only can we see what our own members think and feel about key areas, but the benchmarking across our industry allows us to get a broader perspective too. The number of super funds who participate says a lot about the value of this benchmarking and we’re really seeing some helpful insights come through to help shape our future strategy”.
(December, 2014)
Brian Bissaker, CEO,
Virgin Money

“Virgin Money views the research from Investment Trends as providing unique insights into the minds of investors on a range of topics that are critical to retail financial services industry. Investment Trends are able to add value to the analysis through their detailed understanding of our industry.”
(November, 2014)
Cameron O’Sullivan, CEO,

“The Investment Trends data is the most reliable and accurate source of information we have to drive the evaluation of where we are, and more importantly, where we need to take our offering. Their methodology has now been in operation for years, offering durable insights and trends into the views of all the major constituents of our industry.”
(September, 2014)
Andrew Barnett, General Manager, Retirement Solutions,

“We rely on Investment Trends research for gaining deep insight about customers, advisers, and products – both our own and our competitors. We have used their market leading research, both syndicated and bespoke, over the last decade, to help us innovate new products, understand market segments, refine marketing messages, and build business cases for investment programs. More recently we have used their insights to inform our regulatory policy advocacy, based on fact based understanding of consumer and adviser attitudes. The team at Investment Trends has always been capable and willing to ensure clients derive value from their research through their presentations and ad hoc analysis.”
(August, 2014)
Matt Heine, Joint Managing Director,

“Investment Trends research is an important component of netwealth’s product development process. The research enables us to identify developing trends within the industry that allow us to make relevant judgements about the future direction of netwealth and our product offering. We have also been impressed with the individually tailored research projects that Investment Trends has undertaken for netwealth. We benefit from the industry skill and experience which Investment Trends has which leads to a better, more timely and competitive result.”
(August, 2014)
Peter Chun, General Manager, Product & Investments,
Colonial First State

“I have been using Investment Trends research for more than 10 years in product development and strategy. The team’s research and analytical insights are second to none. There is incredible depth and rigour in their analysis, and they are able to provide invaluable insights to our platform development roadmap.”
(August 2014)
Kelly Power, Head of Platforms
BT Financial Group

“BT uses investment trends in our business to support with our strategic decision making and to help us gather a deep and independent understanding of our clients. The research is detailed, thorough and insightful.”
(August, 2014)
David Wappett, Head of ThreeSixty Research,

“MLC has participated in, and subscribed to, various research from Investment Trends for several years and we have found the company’s understanding of the dynamics of the industry to be very impressive. In particular, the service we receive from Investment Trends after the research reports are issued in terms of interpretation and analysis has made the relationship extremely valuable for us.”
(August, 2014)
Peter Mullin, Managing Director,
E*TRADE Australia

“Investment Trends offer the best available decision support research in the wealth management industry.”
(August, 2014)
Brian Thomas, Head of Retail Funds Management,
Perennial Investment Partners Limited

“We had a complex new product to launch and asked Investment Trends to assist us with relevant research to ensure we focussed on the key messages that would resonate with advisers and investors. Their research and analysis was first-class and more importantly they listened to our business requirements and helped by providing a speaker for our product launch roadshow. Great research and very client centric.”
(August, 2014)
Stefan Zmojda, Product Development Manager,

“Der Investment Trends Report gibt uns einen tiefen Einblick in die Interessen und das Verhalten unserer 820.000 Unique User. Keine andere uns bekannte Auswertung weist in dieser Detailtiefe solche dezidierten Ergebnisse aus, welche wir für die Weiterentwicklung von wallstreet-online.de nutzen können und auch werden.”

“Investment Trends’ German Broking study provides us with valuable, in-depth insights into the preferences and behaviour of our 820,000 users. We are not aware of any research of comparable quality and thoroughness that helps us enhance and develop wallstreet-online.de to the same extent”
(August, 2014)

Paul Hayward, Managing Director
OANDA Europe

“Financial markets are constantly evolving and it is critical to remain current with industry trends in order to have a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and your position in the market place. The Investment Trends survey provides key insights in to regional client preferences and has become an invaluable tool for industry professionals.”
(December, 2013)
Guy Knight, Sales & Marketing Director
The Share Centre

“Every year, I look forward to the insights that the Investment Trends research provides. Rather than a dull, industry benchmarking exercise, the research clearly defines our SWOT from the investors’ perspective. This means we can apply ourselves to those areas which really make a difference for the investor and, in turn, the health of The Share Centre. We are all looking for that competitive edge and this research certainly helps.”
(December, 2013)
Greg Baker, Managing Director,
IG Singapore

“The Investment Trends report is a standout piece of analysis to get a deep understanding of our industry. It gives a good insight into what our clients and the wider market participants are thinking, helping us constantly improve our service. The Investment Trends team are extremely professional and adept in breaking down vast amounts of data into easily actionable information. Certainly a valuable tool in our yearly planning programme.”
(December, 2013)
Jeffrey Goh, Regional Head – Retail Equities,
Maybank Kim Eng

“The annual Investment Trends report provides valuable and deep insights to market developments, performance benchmark and industry trends. Highly recommended!”
(December, 2013)
Michael Gillan, Head of Marketing | Asia/Pacific,
City Index Asia

“The reports and presentations we receive from Investment Trends are extremely useful and provide actionable insights for our business. The team are very professional and have excellent knowledge of the market. The quality of these insights combined with the partnership we have built up with Investment Trends have proved highly valuable to our business.”
(November, 2013)
Kenneth Ho, Director,
Share Junction

“The research reports from Investment Trends have given us good insights into the future market direction of investors in Singapore. With these insights, we are able to provide better services to our community of users.”
(November, 2013)
Christian Lombardi, Marketing Manager, Retail Platforms & Wraps ANZ Global Wealth & Private Banking

“Investment Trends are an invaluable source of market insights and trends for ANZ Wealth. Coupled with our own research capabilities, Uwe and the team help to shape our product, sales and marketing strategies – ensuring we maximise customer relevance and value.”
(October, 2013)
Candice Liew, Segment Marketing Specialist, Marketing

“Investment Trends consistently delivers quality reports with valuable insights to help us understand the market, trends and adviser behaviours. The insights gained from these reports are helpful in validating and informing our strategy and priorities.”
(October, 2013)
Michelle Boucher, Executive Manager, Marketing and Communications

“CBUS is very impressed with Investment Trends knowledge and ability to articulate tangible action items and key observations from their very detailed research reports. Well done!”
(October, 2013)
Craig Mowll, Chief Executive Officer
Certitude Global Investments

“I have been utilising the research services of Investment Trends for over a decade and I consider the reporting we receive from them each year as integral in our decision making when it comes to distribution, product and marketing. Investment Trends in my view are the premier expert in the Australian financial services industry and a partner important to our long term marketing program.”
(September, 2013)
James Bright, Customer Insights & Analytics

“The IT reports provide us with a valuable lens into the views of our members, aligned to our segmentation model, over a broad range of topics in a quick and consistent format.”
(September, 2013)
Jörg Neumann, Director – Head of Department Business Intelligence
Cortal Consors Germany

“The German Online Broking and CFD/FX studies help us to improve our products and services as well as getting to know the current and future needs of our customers.

The survey methodology and analysis chosen by Investment Trends is unique in the market and enables the optimisation of the Brokerage Business of Cortal Consors.

We have rarely had so many eye opening experiences within market research over the last years.

With their expertise Investment Trends is able to visually show complicated relations, analyse the data and give important recommendations.”
(August 2013)

Markus Horntrich, Editor,
Der Aktionar

“Thank you for the great work you did in the 2013 German Broking Market Research. We are glad that we took part in your survey. The detailed information and insights in the financial industry in Germany enable us to better understand and serve the needs of our clients.”
(August 2013)
Chris Lumby, Head of SMSF,

“Investment Trends provides credible insights we can’t get elsewhere. And their turnaround on different cuts of data is amazing. They are a valuable research partner.”
(August 2013)
John Corbett, Director of Marketing,

“The Investment Trends Report provides us with in-depth research and analysis that helps our team gain a deeper understanding of our position in the marketplace and how we are perceived by our clients. Investment Trends has always provided us with top level support and we are thankful for their attention to detail during our relationship working together.”
(July 2013)
Jeremy Pooley, Strategy Manager,
AMP Financial Services

“Investment Trends are highly responsive, proactive and engaging. They are always keen to engage in purposeful discussion. Their team has a broad yet practical understanding qualitatively and quantitatively of market trends and key investment trends impacting advisers that is always clear and up to date. If they do not know something, and it is something worth knowing, they are always eager to help find the information you need.”
(May 2013)
Marion Lang, Head of Sales and Marketing,

“I find the reports very useful and the information well targeted to my needs. I also like the support service, where Investment Trends analysts are happy to provide further insight into follow up questions.”
(January 2013)
Sheryl Chen Ziying, Marketing Manager,
Phillip Securities

“The Investment Trends team has always been helpful and meticulous through the time we’ve worked together. We appreciate the rigorous methodologies they apply in the reports they produce, which have given us deep insights into the markets and our clients.”
(December 2012)
Mark Laudi, Executive Editor,
Investor Central

“The Investment Trends research provides a level of depth and insight which you would be hard pressed to achieve yourself. From the sample size to the number of questions, it is without doubt the most comprehensive and useful survey I’ve come across. And the results are eye-opening. You don’t really know the trade and investment markets until you’ve seen the Investment Trends research.”
(December 2012)
Andrew Merry, Managing Director,
LCG Markets

“The Investment Trends Report is always keenly anticipated as it is the most comprehensive market research available. The analysis confirms and quantifies trends that have become apparent throughout the course of the year and helps refine strategy. With each report you learn new aspects of the market and potential opportunities”.
(October 2012)
Francesca Williams, Product Analyst, Investment Strategy & Marketing,
Barclays Stockbrokers UK

“Investment Trends provides us with a deep understanding of how customers perceive our proposition and the service we deliver which, when set against the peer performance metrics they also provide, really helps us to focus on the areas that are important to our customers.”
(December 2012)
Jens Bartels, Customer Intelligence / Marktforschung,

“The ‘Online Broking Report’ and the ‘CFD/FX Report’ gave us a better understanding of the German brokerage market. In some parts the data confirmed our beliefs of market sizes, important players in the market, etc. In other parts it added completely new information for us. Especially the ‘CFD/FX Report’ turned out to be a unique source of information for us, as there is no other detailed CFD research in Germany at the moment. Some of the information in that report we will use as ‘profound knowledge to make better decisions for our future business’. Other information we will use to improve single components of our CFD offer, for example regarding to the drivers of overall satisfaction. So all in all: your reports are a good investment for us”
(November 2012)
Thomas Dwornitzak, Business Development,

“Investment Trends provided us with the first comprehensive analysis of the German market for active brokerage clients. The report gave us with valuable insights into how we are positioned in the trading market and how we are viewed by our clients. The quality of the insights convinced us to continue subscribing to their reports. Investment Trends has very specialised knowledge in this market, and we would recommend them to any financial services organisation wishing to better understand the German trading market.”
(November 2012)
Peter Cruddas, Executive Chairman,
CMC Markets

“We have used Investment Trends research data over the last few years for several of our main regions, including Europe, Australasia and Asia. The data Investment Trends provides gives us a real insight into our industry and it helps us understand how we can provide a better service and product offering to our clients. Indeed we look forward to the annual reports and often we will determine our following years strategy around the results. We will use Investment Trends reports over the coming years to improve our offering and service to our clients.”
(October 2012)
David Hodge, CEO,

“Finding a research company that excels in detailed diagnostic research and understands the complex nature of our space is a constant challenge. Luckily, Investment Trends exists and we’ve been working with them for a number of years. They add real value by their unique ability to deliver high level strategic insights with granular detail which provides first class information to aid strategic decision making.”
(October 2012)
Nicolette Rubinsztein, General Manager Strategy,
Colonial First State

“I have used Investment Trends research for more than 12 years now. They produce the most detailed and insightful research on our industry. They have a knack for asking the right questions, which proves very valuable input into our strategic decisions.”
(September 2012)
Brian Phelps, General Manager, CommSec Distribution, Equities and Margin Lending, Business & Private Bank,

“CommSec utilises a number of the Investment Trends Reports each month, including the On-line Broking and CFD Reports to name a few. These reports help us to track are performance compared to our competitors, whilst offering invaluable feedback from the survey participants (our clients) on the specifics of our offering – including the good and the bad.
The trends we monitor and ultimately act on are the result of survey work carried out by Investment Trends – work that we could not replicate at CommSec. We have found the Investment trends data to be very detailed and informative, offering real information around which informed decisions can be based.”
(September 2012)
Rod Newing, Insight Manager,

“We have an excellent working relationship with Investment Trends and they are one of the primary providers of Platform research that we have used for several years. The breadth of their coverage both in terms of sample and relevant market topics is excellent, while Mark, Urvi and Recep’s knowledge of the market brings the extensive data to life in a way that allows us to practically take action to evolve and improve our offering to market. In this dynamic and ever changing industry we rely on robust market data to support and challenge our future strategy. The Investment Trends Adviser Technology and Business Report is always close to hand and is referred to constantly”.
(August 2012)
Gemma Hunt, Market Insight Manager,

“This is our 2nd year of working with Investment Trends and we are impressed with the overall quality and depth of results obtained via the Adviser Technology and Business survey. The research provides us with valuable insights into our position within the platform market, helping us to shape our future business strategy”
(August 2012)
Anne-Claire Bennevault, Head of Marketing,
Saxo Banque (France)

“The study conducted early 2012 on active French investors revealed our leading position on the combined CFD/ FX markets in terms of volumes. It enabled us to position ourselves relatively to our most serious competitors, and especially to identify traders’ expectations so that we can serve them best, and pursue our strong development in France and in Europe.
It is often difficult to gather pertinent information enabling to fully grasp the realities of the market. Investment Trends served us this information on a plate, along with a high level of detail.”
(August 2012)
Lothar Albert, Publisher,
Traders Magazine

“We think that Investment Trends does a very good job. We appreciate very much the dynamic and professionalism of Investment Trends. It is a motivated team of nice guys that all give their best to achieve the best possible result for their clients.
Thanks to the Germany CFD & FX Report we learned a lot about the wishes and requirements of our customers and thus, can show interest in them and hopefully fulfil them in the near future. Besides, we learned that we are the most popular trading magazine among CFD traders in Germany and that’s a big success!
Investment Trends is a reliable and professional company that we will continue to work with in the future. I can definitely recommend Investment Trends to any financial company that is interested in a complex, profound, and professional research.”
(July 2012)
Jean Marie Guérout, Digital Director,
Les Echos

“Congratulations to the Investment Trends Team. They are very professional, and their reports provided us with valuable information for the shaping of our future strategy, and the preparation of our marketing campaigns.”
(July 2012)
Peter Tardent, Executive Manager International and Derivative Markets,
Commonwealth Securities

“Investment Trends is the benchmark research for insights into retail financial markets. They provide in-depth, useful information to help me understand the industry and make strategic and tactical decisions, as well as detailed information about what CommSec clients are saying. The analysis into specialised areas such as CFDs and ETOs as well as the information on client segments such as frequent traders is very comprehensive. Mark and his team are easy to deal with and provide timely, responsive service in a way that allows me to provide the best service to my customers.”
(September 2012)
Gideon Lipman, Senior Manager, Strategy,
Colonial First State

“Colonial First State has used Investment Trends’ research for many years and the insights provided are valued by many areas of our business. Mark and the team work hard to ensure that content is tailored to our business needs and is presented in a clear and articulate manner. Investment Trends have developed a thorough understanding of investors and advisers which allows them to identify emerging trends and focus on meaningful insights in the wealth management industry.”
(September 2012)
Tim Anderson, Head of Marketing, Brand and Communication,

“As UniSuper’s Head of Marketing, I need reliable information to help drive our strategic direction and day-to-day activities. Having Investment Trends’ data and analysis helps shape our thinking and adds an important industry dimension to our planning and decision making. Investment Trends has a unique ability to bring data to life through their analytics. They show extreme dedication to understanding nuances of the financial services landscape. They are professional, responsive and easy to work with throughout the data collection process and they finally tie the data together in a presentation that offers insights and recommendations for future focus.”
(September 2012)
James Staltari, Executive Director,
Westpac, Equities

“Investment Trends provides our monthly customer satisfaction tracking for both of our broking businesses, Westpac Online Investing and St George directshares.
The customer satisfaction and industry research Investment Trends run has been invaluable and enables us to draw on our customer feedback and industry trends. Being able to track our performance relative to our competitors is also extremely useful.
Most importantly, Mark and his team are able to draw on their industry expertise and provide context of the results.
I have no hesitation in recommending Investment Trends research.”
Darren Pettiona, CEO,
Investorfirst Ltd

Investment Trends’ insightful research plays an important role enriching our product and corporate thinking. The quality and depth of information produced makes subscription to their services very worthwhile.
Joanna Benton, Director Global Product Marketing,

“Investment Trends produced an excellent research piece in 2009 that delivered valuable, actionable insights into the UK derivatives market. The market is notoriously closed and private so the fact that Mark and his team persuaded so many players to get involved speaks volumes for their professionalism, experience and expertise.”
Michael Nearhos, General Manager Marketing Media & Analytics,
Commonwealth Securities

“The new Online Broking Report has been very popular with our stakeholders, as it’s a rich source of market insight with views we haven’t before seen. The depth of understanding of our market is a key benefit of Investment Trends research.”
Mike Buzzeo, Head of International Marketing,

Investment Trends arms us with deep market insight and a competitive landscape analysis that cannot be found elsewhere in the industry. Their interest in working with partners to refine existing models and expand offerings provide a platform of great value in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.
Rick Girling, Head of Business Development & Marketing,
Halifax Share Dealing Ltd

The Investment Trends research has helped us gain a more detailed insight into our market, providing valuable input to our future planning. Our analysis of the results has allowed us to identify both emerging issues and potential growth opportunities.
Martin Belsham, CEO,
City Index

“We have derived enormous value from the Investment Trends research into spread betting and CFDs, in both Australia and the UK.

The reports give us deep insights into the nuances and trends in the markets covered. We have also been very impressed with the knowledge of the team and level of service we have received.

We look forward to the future updates on these markets, and to seeing similar Investment Trends research in other countries, to bring the same depth and clarity of information to support our decision making there.”

Connie Mckeage, CEO,
OneVue Limited

The Investment Trends surveys are incredibly useful tools to help organisations gain a perspective on industry trends as they are evolving, and leveraging that data to better meet intermediary and client expectations.
We greatly value the way in which the Investment Trends team turn data into meaningful information.
Arnie Selvarajah, CEO
Bell Direct

“The Investment Trends research is the most detailed available on the online broking industry. Mark has a deep understanding of the key issues both from the clients and brokers perspectives. This helps us to get the right answers and to keep our strategy focused on achieving our targets. ”
Albert Maasland, Chairman – London Branch,
Saxo Bank A/S London

This is the third year that Saxo Bank has used Investment Trends’ UK Financial Spread Betting and Contracts for Difference Report. The research provided is a valuable tool that allows Saxo Bank to assess customer satisfaction and perception of our business. The market performance data and trading behaviour analysis is thorough and accurate, and allows us to continuously improve our service by offering our clients an increased array of value add products and services that they are looking for. The broad range of factors that the research covers, from trader trends and client satisfaction to competitor analysis, enables us to distinguish what it really is that customers want, allowing us to increase retention and new customer levels.
Matt Murphie, Managing Director,
First Prudential Markets

I really value the research that Investment Trends provides and our management team often refer to it. I believe that the report more than pays for itself as it allows us to make informed decisions which is vital to the future success of our business
Tim Tez, Head of Individual Life Product Management,
AIA Australia Limited

The Investment Trends research is highly useful and relevant. Year in and year out we are able to glean new insights that help us to provide great customer experiences.
Richard Watts, External Relations Manager & Legal Counsel,
Industry Super Network

The excellent work undertaken by Investment Trends provides ISN with valuable and unique insights.
Johannes Pfeuffer, Head of Corporate Communications
BoerseGo AG

“As Investment Trends entered the German Market with its first CFD and FX report in early 2011, we gladly supported the research because we expected the results would help us extend our knowledge about our clients. Our expectations were more than satisfied: the report offered us great insights into both the German CFD and FX market and our diverse client groups. These insights will be very useful in the processes of optimizing our existing products and developing new services that fulfill the needs of our clients. Especially the depth of Investment Trends’ research was impressive. Thus, we are already looking forward to participate in the 2012 survey.”
Gurpreet Sidana, CEO,
Religare Securities Australia

Investment Trends provide an invaluable combination of insightful market research and trends through their market reports. As a new entrant to the Australian market, Investment Trends reports have enabled Religare to gain a deeper understanding of the market to develop a new brand positioning, a product offering that is compelling to our target audience needs and provides a strong foundation for Religare to establish a successful presence in Australia. I must acknowledge that Mark together with his team at Investment Trends have detailed industry knowledge and expertise.
Simon Wake, Group Marketing Director,
Financial Review Group

The Financial Review Group has been using the insights and analytics from Investment Trends for some time. I’m always impressed with the level of detail and understanding provided by their reports, and the industry knowledge held by the team.
Louisa Williams, Senior Marketing Manager-Investment Lending

“Investment Trends recently supported ANZ Investment Lending on some recent fieldwork activities. Working to tight timeframes, our stakeholders were left suitably impressed as our objectives were reached with some useful insights and positive outcomes.”
Paul Barnes, VP Marketing & Media,
Morningstar UK Ltd

Working with Investment Trends has been both enjoyable and successful for Morningstar UK. The professionalism of their research and analysis approach matches that of their business relationships. The analysis of the research validates and informs our business planning. We look forward to continuing to work with Investment Trends.
Dave MacKenzie, Director,
Spreadex Ltd

Investment Trends have provided very detailed, thoroughly researched and concisely summarised information which has allowed us to get a great understanding of our customer needs and the future direction of the industry.
John Fabian, Project Management,

Investment Trends provided us with the first CFD and FX report for the German market. This report allowed us to receive a deep insight into the market environment and our own products and delivered important information for our line of business. We are deeply impressed of the quality of the delivered research results which will give us a better understanding of the market and will support us in future decisions and our strategy planning. We are very glad that we have found in Investment Trends a reliable partner who understands our business needs and requirements.
Jon Slack, Head of Marketing,
Centric Wealth

The robust research methodology behind Investment Trends ensures that insights from the Centric Wealth sponsored HNW Reports have given us a deeper understanding of this client segment.
Allyson Lowbridge, Head of Marketing,
Bell Direct

“What’s great about Investment Trends is that their information generates great ideas and focus. There’s no ‘death by data’ – you get big picture and detail and then it’s up to you to utilise it.”
Anthony Anderson, Head of CFDs,
MF Global

“Investment Trends offers a valuable insight into how we are positioned in our relevant market and how we are viewed by our clients.

It is a useful reference for us throughout the year to determine what we need to focus on and also what has been effective for us in the past.”

Ashley Mealor, Head of Marketing,

“Investment Trends has outperformed expectations and delivered a comprehensive and robust report on both the spread betting and CFD market in the UK. It’s rare for a research company to have such insightful analysis that enables practical and confident business decisions to be made. I would certainly use this company again.”
Chris Burke, Strategic Marketing Manager,
Paddy Power

“Paddy Power used Investment Trends for the first time in 2009 for research into the UK Spread Betting and CFD market, we were impressed with the thoroughness and quality of the work produced.”
Andrew Barker, General Manager – Wealth Management Products,

“Aviva has had a great relationship with Investment Trends, our primary research provider in the platform market, for a number of years. We always find the reports and presentations insightful and extremely useful in shaping the direction of our product strategy. Mark and his team always have their finger on the pulse allowing them to make sure they always have information picking up on emerging trends, as well as existing market dynamics.”
Russell Karlson,
Head of Westpac Broking

“Investment Trends provides our business with responsive, relevant and informative research and analytics allowing us to make confident, customer-focused business and product decisions.”
Andrew McPhee, Head of Retail,
E*TRADE Australia

“I have used Investment Trends research for over 5 years and have found them to be the most reliable and insightful external source of industry intelligence. Trust is a critical factor when analysing competitive landscapes and strategies, and I have also found Investment Trends to be of the highest integrity.”
Dean Thomas, General Manager – Product, Wealth Management,

“I use the research provided by Investment Trends on a regular basis to help in our strategic planning. The approach that Mark and his team undertake in their research is incredibly valuable to our business and helps us to gauge the direction of the market.”
Simon Ford, Managing Director, Alternative Investments,
Credit Suisse

“The Investment Trends Alternative survey on the preferences of investors in Australia, has provided us unique research on individual behaviour at various wealth levels. It has provided the confidence to make a significant change in our distribution strategy via segmentation of the target market, distributors, product types and delivery structures in various alternative investment classes.”
Mark Corradi, Executive Manager,
Colonial Geared Investments

“Colonial Geared Investments has enjoyed a strong relationship with Investment Trends for several years. We find the data, statistics and insights they provide extremely useful in the evaluation and development of effective business strategies. Important business decisions should always be supported with quality research, which Investment Trends has provided to us on countless occasions.”
Tim Keegan, Head of Online Trading,
Macquarie Private Wealth

“I have worked with Investment Trends since its inception and have often come back for their high level of market insight and ability to deliver a customised solution. Mark and the team have a strong service orientation and an in-depth understanding of the Financial Services industry. This combination results in fast, high quality results.”
Scott Monotti, Head of Advisers Solutions,
IOOF Investment Management Ltd

“For a number of years we have subscribed to a range of Investment Trends Research Reports. The level of detail & analysis Mark & his team conduct across a various industry products and segments is second to none. This research gives us great insight into how to develop and position our own product suite and service offering.”
Michael Heine, CEO,

“Investment Trends research is an important component of netwealth’s product development process. The Investment Trends reports provide us with industry specific, in depth analysis of various sectors of the financial markets relevant to netwealth and to our clients. The research enables us to identify developing trends within the industry that allow us to make relevant judgements about the future direction of netwealth and our product offering.
The benchmarking offered by Investment Trends is a critical tool for netwealth. It allows us to keep abreast of what our competitors are doing and how it affects our clients. This enables us to specifically pinpoint the areas in which we seek to excel and ensure that we continue to lead the pack.
We have also been impressed with the individually tailored research projects that Investment Trends has undertaken for netwealth. We benefit from the industry skill and experience which Investment Trends has which leads to a better, more timely and competitive result.”
Brian Bissaker, CEO,
Colonial First State

“Colonial First State has subscribed to research from Investment Trends for a number of years. We always find the research to provide insight into the minds of investors and advisers on a range of topics that are critical for the retail financial services industry. Investment Trends is able to add value to the analysis through their detailed understanding of our industry.”
Chris Larsen, Director, Head of Asset Management Australia,
Deutsche Asset Management (Australia) Limited

“I have been a client of Investment Trends for over 4 years. Mark and his team have become a terrific asset to our firm and have played a significant role in helping us better understand the financial services industry, the emerging drivers of change, how that change will manifest and how our firm can participate. It’s a relationship we are very pleased with.”
Colin Davidson, Director, Product & Marketing,
Bell Potter Securities Limited

“Market research is only of value when it helps to solve problems. Investment Trends research does just that and does it well. Financial services is a highly competitive market. Investment Trends provides the edge when it comes to understanding customer motivation and market trends, delivering a depth of insight which is actionable and resulting in long-term returns.”
John O’Shaughnessy, Deputy CEO,
Investment and Financial Services Association (IFSA)

“IFSA has worked with Investment Trends for the last four years. We have found the depth of knowledge and insights obtained from their syndicated reports on the SMSF market useful in informing members, government and regulators. Investment Trends were also responsible for IFSA’s quantitative research on Effective Disclosure, which has provided a solid ‘consumer focused’ foundation for our project to shorten disclosure documents. Investment Trends have a great deal of knowledge about and experience in our industry. We have found that their expertise and high integrity approach means that their products not only deliver, they stand up to scrutiny.”
Dan Powell, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing,
ING Australia Limited

“The annual Investment Trends Investment Platform, Planner Technology and Planning Software reports are key industry benchmarking tools for ING. They measure both our improvement against competitors year to year while at the same time providing valuable insights into what direction our industry is headed. The research is comprehensive, informative and insightful and has been key in developing and measuring the success of our online strategy.”
Giles Craig, Head of Private Client,
AMP Capital

“Investment Trends produced a fantastic piece of research into the Self Managed Superannuation Fund market in Australia – probably the most comprehensive piece of work carried out on the subject. It was great dealing with someone who clearly already understood the space and was able to identify issues early and factor them into the questionnaires. This allowed us to be much more targeted in the questions that we were asking and to have more confidence in the quality of the answers that we received. Mark presents the findings of his work in a very articulate style and with great credibility, making the publicising of the research easy and effective.”
Craig Keary, Head of Direct Banking and Securities Services,

“I strongly endorse Investment Trends’ research services. They offer a unique level of market insight, far ahead of any competing organisation. This is combined with a strong customer service orientation, with their research always driven first and foremost by customer needs. Mark’s extensive experience, and implicit grasp of industry dynamics allows investment Trends to quickly add immense value on top of their research data, and provide key insights in support of business decisions. I have utilised Mark’s services extensively over many years, will continue to do so, and would recommend Investment Trends to others.”
Mike Fielding, Head of Product,
Sealcorp Holdings Limited

“It is difficult to find researchers in the financial services marketplace who both sufficiently understand the marketplace combined with a robust understanding of fundamental research principles. Investment Trends combine the genuine expertise, training and background of a traditional research upbringing with a commitment to the financial services landscape.
Investment Trends continually provide the definitive analytical research on the Australian wealth management industry….the latest SMSF reports continue to break new ground and explore areas no one else covers. They are a key input for any decision-makers attempting to separate the hype from the reality.”
Michael Blomfield, General Manager,
Commonwealth Securities

“CommSec has long been a satisfied client of Investment Trends’ syndicated and custom research services. Investment Trends’ analysis has been invaluable to our business and has been used to support both tactical and strategic decisions. In particular, we have derived value from their insights into specialised consumer segments which would otherwise have remained obscured to us. Investment Trends’ combination of strategic thinking, industry knowledge and analytical expertise make their services invaluable. I strongly recommend Investment Trends for their proven ability to contribute to successful business outcomes.”
Edrick Ho, Head of Operations, Advice Business Solutions,
Sealcorp Holdings Limited

“The recent series of research reports covering technology trends in the platform and software markets have been highly beneficial to our organisation. Mark and his team’s understanding of the market, research rigour, and ability to distil to key trends is excellent. We use the reports extensively in both our strategic and tactical planning.”
Shai Heffetz, Head of Financial spread betting and CFD

“We have found Investment Trends’ reports and discussions with them about our markets to be very useful. The research they provide definitely has the ability to add significant value to any organization operating in this space.
We look forward to continue working together.”