Our knowledge of the Australian Financial Services industry combined with our research expertise allows us to develop and execute custom research projects for our clients.

Examples of custom research projects recently undertaken:

• We helped a client assess the viability of developing an online financial planning tool, by measuring interest levels, identifying which demographic and attitudinal segments have higher/lower interest levels, barriers to adoption and catalysts to maximise adoption.

• We helped another client explore the feasibility and scope of adding direct shares to their existing platform range.

Our high degree of industry knowledge means that we are also able to effectively develop custom research for complex financial structures and products. Examples of products we have researched include Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and Offshore domiciled funds.

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We utilise many forms of advanced multivariate statistical analysis to add value including:

•  Principal Component Analysis
•  Discriminate Analysis
•  Factor Analysis
•  Cluster Analysis (hierarchical and k-means clusters)
•  Two step cluster models
•  Logistic Regression Models
•  Binary Logistic Models
•  Multinomial Logistic Models
•  Analysis of Variance (Two way classifications model)
•  Factorial Design
•  Correlation
•  Choice modelling (multinomial and binomial choice modelling)
•  Correspondence analysis
•  Optimal scaling
•  Variance component analysis
•  Auto-regressive models
•  Exponential smoothing
•  LINEX modelling
•  Predictive clustering model